DesigN Process 

The design process is meant to be as simple and efficient as possible. We keep you involved, while taking the burden of heavy lifting off of your shoulders. Here's the process at a glance: 

In Home Discovery Session 

Phase 1 - Fee Proposal

Phase 2 - Design Approval, Purchase Agreement and Product Orders

Phase 3 - Furnishings Shipment and Storage

Phase 4 - Installation


Cost Structure 

Fees and billing are as follows:

In Home Discovery Session - $100 One Hour Consultation 

Phase 2 - Fee Proposal, included with Consultation 

Phase 1 - 4 - $100 Hourly Rate, plus Furnishing Costs and Contractor Fees, as applicable



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours does one project take? 

You will always receive a detailed estimate for your project that includes projected work hours. For reference, a large living room generally requires 15-25 hours of labor, including installation. Your total hours will depend largely upon the complexity of the project.

  • Will I be able to personally select all of my furnishings and items? 

During the consultation and design concept process we will work closely with you to understand your style, and present you with options that we hope you will love. The benefit of having a designer is that we can help take the stress of time consuming decisions away from you. 

  • Do you offer trade discounts on furnishings?

We do not offer trade discounts directly to clients. However, it is our priority to offer you the most affordable options. In the event that Drea & Co. receives reduced pricing, we will reflect that cost appropriately on to the client during billing. 

  • Can I make partial payments? 

After your Design Concept Initiation Fee, a billing schedule will be detailed in your Agreement. 

  • How long will my project take? 

The length of your project will rely heavily on the complexity of your design and your needs. Expect 2-3 weeks for your Design Concept and at least 4-6 weeks for custom furnishings delivery. If remodeling or third party contractors will be involved, additional timelines will be addressed. 

  • What if I just need a bit of direction and guidance? I can purchase and set everything up on my own. 

If you simply need a little bit of a push, or that second eye to help you come up with a plan, Virtual Design is a great, affordable alternative to a full service designer. Learn more here